Here you can find games I have made.  There is also a legacy games section where I have my first few games, if you want to check them out.  Probably the only one there worth playing is Flappy Rock, so beware.

New Games


DragOn Screenshot

DragOn is a simple pixel-art drag racing game I have made in Java using the JavaFX canvas.  The challenge of the game is shifting at the right time using the clutch, accelerator and brake, whilst avoiding damaging the clutch.  You are timed and have to beat a certain target time, you will be driving a Lamborghini Hurac├ín LP610-4, and all stats should be pretty realistic if you remove drag and friction.


Alien Encounters

Alien Encounters Screenshot

Alien Encounters is a simple game based off Space Invaders, where you can move and fire the weapon of a small space ship, defending against attacking aliens.



Snake Screenshot

Snake is a simple recreation of Snake 2, also made in Java using the JavaFX canvas, made for Nokia phones.&nsbp; The game will speed up as you play, and after you die you can enter your name into a leaderboard saved locally on your computer.


Legacy Games

Flappy Rock

Flappy Rock Screenshot

Flappy Rock is, you probably guessed by the name, heavily inspired by Flappy Bird, but the scoring is based of catching floating pieces of scrap is space, whilst avoiding dangerous asteroids.